Sheer Curtains

We've always had a passion for style & decoration - furnishing your home will be a real pleasure.
Our voile and sheer made to measure curtains are custom made to your exact requirements so you can get a perfect finish to your room. You can choose from a wide variety of headings and linings, including blackout options or a cosy layer of interlining to give you lovely insulated curtains in the chilly season
The full range of fabric samples can be brought to your home so you can see how they look and feel.
We know how important curtains are to a finished room and just how Sheer Curtains help finish it off so rest assured we have the Sheer Curtain range you cant look past.

Features & Benefits of Sheer Curtains

Versatile and Stylish

Sheer Curtains and our unique selected fabrics offer the highest combination of light and heat control, privacy and outside viewing. The user-friendly operation and functionality of sheer curtains allows for complete environment controls.

Wide range of fabrics

We offer a wide variety of fabrics per range. The complete fabric Sheer Curtains range is available instore and we can bring out our most popular range. Should you require any fabric specs or specific colour or fabric range please contact us with your request.

Make the most of your views and Privacy

All our Sheer Curtains offer maximum privacy, allowing you to see outside whilst letting in the light.


Sheer Curtains can be motorised with a range of various high quality motors, offering operation types such as single operation of one vurtain or multiple operations of 2 curtains. Motorised Sheer Curtains can be connected to office building and home automation systems.


Single pulled to left, single pulled to right, centre opened are the usual configuration for Sheer Curtains - we will discuss all your options with you


Eyelet, tab top, goblet pleat, pinch pleat, pencil pleat are the standard headings for Sheer Curtains - we will discuss all your options with you
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Why choose Choice Curtains & Blinds for your Sheer Curtains?

  • We are committed to providing you with the best value custom made Sheer Curtains
  • Our Sheer Curtains are affordable and made from quality materials
  • Our service can't be beaten
  • Your satisfaction is our priority
  • We think outside the box and will find a solution to meet your requirements
  • Our expert and competent team have 35 years experience in the windows and blinds industry
  • We strive to supply, deliver and install your Sheer Curtains fast