Roller Shutters Melbourne
We've always had a passion for style & decoration - furnishing your home will will be a real pleasure.

The modern roller shutter is a unique window covering. They are perfect for blocking out light, providing insulation and being functional.
We provide the most cost effective modern roller shutters and provide expert supply and installtion. Not only that, we have colours and styles that will please everyone.

Crafted with a high-quality aluminium alloy construction, our 42mm Single Line Roller Shutter is the perfect product to have on your windows. These shutters are made with a durable, precision roll-formed roller shutter profile and are suitable for a variety of domestic and light commercial applications. Built with high-quality materials, you will be able to see and feel the difference, and you will be able to sleep well and with confidence.

Suitable for wide openings like double doorways up to 4500mm, the 55mm Widespan Roller Shutter is made with a high-quality, precision roll-formed roller shutter profile. Ideal for widespan residential and light commercial applications, its roll-tight design and smooth, curved face profile offer a sleek and modern look and security for your home or business.

Why choose us?
100% Australian Owned and Operated for 40 years. We know Australian windows and better still we know what will suit each and every window and room we come across.
Time is extremely precious for everybody and this is why we make sure we work as fast and precise as we can to get your Curtains, Blinds & Shutters to you FAST.
Not only are we local, affordable and friendly; we also prioritise the quality of our products too. Every order is subjected to our strict quality control process for your reassurance. If its not good enough for our house, it's not coming into yours.
The most important thing is that the end result pleases the customer and is exactly what they desire. We guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with your new Curtains, Blinds & Shutters.
We will measure your windows and doors so that you have the perfect fit every time.
We have hundreds of high quality fabrics and colours to choose from across all our ranges. You can feel, see and touch before you choose the right one.
Your new curtains, blinds and shutters will be expertly installed quickly and without delay. All you need to do is sit back and watch the transformation happen.
Every single customer is important to us and that's why we'll prioritise your needs and preferences so once your new blinds and curtains are installed you'll be happier than Larry's uncle.
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Extra reasons to choose us for your Roller Shutters Melbourne

  • We are committed to providing you with the best value custom made Roller Shutters
  • Our Roller Shutters are affordable and made from quality materials
  • Our service can't be beaten
  • Your satisfaction is our priority
  • We think outside the box and will find a solution to meet your requirements
  • Our expert and competent team have 40 years experience in the windows and blinds industry
  • We strive to supply, deliver and install your Roller Shutters fast

Features & Benefits of our Roller Shutters

  • Premium aluminium alloy construction
  • Foam-filled profile for additional strength and smooth operation
  • Superior painted finish
  • Smooth and curved face profile
  • Roll-tight design
  • Wide range of colours
  • Double-coated and lacquer for an abrasion-resistant finish
  • Machine-inserted profile end clips providing extra shutter strength
  • Top-of-the-range internal sealed bearings
  • Suitable for widths up to 3200mm or 4500mm
  • Can be motorised - motorised is the option we recommend for most applications
  • Available with smartphone App control options
  • Made in Australia