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Curtains or Blinds - Which Suits Me Best?

Should you get curtains? Or are blinds a better option? This is a common issue that most property people will struggle with at least once in their lives. It can be tough to choose between these two window coverings when both can be so beautiful. In this guide, we discuss these two window treatments and help you choose the right one. 

Consider The Room Size

With large rooms, it is usually much better to get full-length curtains and you can choose to either get lined or sheer curtains depending on your lighting and privacy needs. But for small rooms, blinds are usually a much better option. This is because blinds give you a lot more control over natural light so you can make the most out of your window and blinds don’t take up any unnecessary space.

Consider Your Light Needs  

Your need to control light is usually different for different rooms.

In a home cinema or bedroom, you probably want something that can block out the light entirely. Darkness enhances your ability to get enough quality sleep and can make it much easier to see on a monitor or TV screen. For these rooms, we usually recommend two layers of window treatments. A layer of curtains is terrific for allowing some natural light to filter through during daytime while blackout blinds at the back can be very helpful for blocking out light when it is time to take a nap.

For offices, dining rooms, or recreational areas, you might want to focus on much lighter window coverings. Here, it can sometimes be better to choose Venetian blinds since these give you a good level of privacy and give you great control over natural light. The angle of Venetian blinds can be adjusted so you can control just how much natural light you let into the room. This is terrific for those rooms that get plenty of direct sunlight.

Consider Furniture Placement 

Keep your furniture placement in mind. It is always better to use blinds at windows that have large desks, chairs, sofas, or a bed in front of the window. Curtains always tend to get snagged on furniture pieces and it doesn’t look very good when your full-length curtains get caught behind furniture pieces.

Consider Window Hardware

The way windows or glass doors open can vary a lot and can impact the type of curtains or blinds you need. For sliding doors or opening windows, it usually is better to get a window treatment like vertical blinds or curtains so you can easily move the window covering out of the way to get access to your window or door. But for solid windows, you can get by with any type of blind.

Consider Window Size 

You can also keep your window size in mind when choosing blinds. Curtains tend to be a more flattering solution on tall and wide windows and it is usually best to get lavish curtains that reach all the way from the ceiling to the ground. On small windows, blinds are usually a better fit and you can choose to get your blinds installed on the inside of the frame or you can get blinds that are bigger than your window so you can hang them over the window frame to make your tiny windows look a little bit bigger.

Consider Insulation  

If you are choosing window coverings that can help block out the winter chill or keep cool air trapped inside during winter then you have quite a few options. Thick-lined curtains usually provide plenty of insulation and are mostly a better pick for these purposes. However, you can also get thermal blinds that are specially developed for cold climates although these types of blinds do tend to be pricey.

If you are still having a tough time choosing the right blinds for your home or company then the best thing you can do is to reach out to professionals at Choice Curtains and Blinds. These experts can help you decide on the right blinds or curtains to get based on your décor and your window covering needs.